Mission statement:

FMFIndia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the education and promotion of Skilled Medical Professionals in the field of Fetal Medicine. It aims to address problems and improve the health of pregnancies ofIndian women across all social strata. It will do this by increasing thenumber and availability of skilled professionals (physicians, ultra-sonographers, and other health-care workers) to all Indian women


  • Promote and deliver high quality training of diagnostic skills necessary to improve Fetal well-being to appropriate health care professionals
  • Promote the development of an effective and efficient referral system to improve access to Fetal Medicine services for all Indian women
  • Promote Fetal Medicine Foundation – UK standards for health care professionals  in India.
  • Promote Fetal Medicine Foundation – UK standard certification processes that lead to appropriate certification for diagnostic ultrasound use, within the confines of the PCPNDT Act of India
  • Increase the number of FMF certified trainers in India so that every region of India has access to a Certified trainer
  • Organise outreach training programmes to smaller towns in India to help improve the standard of Fetal Medicine in  even the last mile.
  • Promote the exchange of ideas and progress in evidence based Fetal Medicine by organising and participating in national and international meetings and by sponsoring visits by experts in this field.
  • Promote the acquisition of theoretical knowledge by sharing seminal journal articles and guidelines within the Fetal Medicine community in India.
  • Promote the concept of Reversal of the Pyramid of Antenatal Care
  • Promote evidence based research in issues relevant to local needs in different regions in India to help continue improving the standard of care of Indian women.

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