Due to PCPNDT laws, its difficult to offer ultrasound training on live patients and therefor the next best experience is hands on ultrasound simulation training at our Simulation Training Lab at Apollo Centre for Fetal Medicine, Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi in partnership with VOLUTRACER OPUS ®️

VOLUTRACER OPUS ®️ is a high-fidelity ultrasound optical positioning simulator which uses real high resolution 2D cases for training and practice.

It has an online Cloud, to download courses, normal and pathological, in a wide range of anatomical regions and offers both trans abdominal and trans vaginal transducers simulation teaching. It is the perfect solution for the education and training of students, residents and experts of all levels.

Curated courses currently on offer in India are:

Anomaly Scan (ISUOG Certified)


  •  Geometric Excercises
  •  (20 ) views for Anomaly scan practice
  •  Transverse view of the head at the level of the septum cavum pellucidum for measurement of biparietal diameter, head circumference, hemisphere and cerebral ventricles
  •  Correct Measurement of BPD, HC
  •  Suboccipital-bregmatic view of the head for measurement of cerebellum and cisterna magna
  •  Correct Measurement of the cerebellum ,cisterna magna and nuchal fold
  •  Transverse views of the face through the orbits and the upper lip and maxilla
  •  Profile demonstrating the nasal bone
  •  Correct measurement of the nasal bone
  •  Four-chamber view of the heart
  •  Views demonstrating the outflow tracks of the heart
  •  Views demonstrating the 3 vessel view of the heart
  •  Transverse view of the abdomen at the level of the stomach and umbilical vein for measurement of the abdominal circumference
  •  Correct measurement of the abdominal circumference
  •  Transverse views of the abdomen to demonstrate the kidneys
  •  Correct measurement of the renal pelvices
  •  Transverse or longitudinal view to demonstrate the umbilicus
  •  Transverse or longitudinal view to demonstrate the bladder
  •  Longitudinal view to demonstrate measurement of the femur
  •  Longitudinal view to demonstrate the leg and foot
  •  View of the open hand
  •  One or two longitudinal views demonstrating the whole spine
  •  Transverse view of the sacral spine
  •  View demonstarting 3 vessel cord
  •  Longitudinal view demonstrating the relation between the lower end of the placenta and the cervix

First Trimester Scan

Theory: FMF Theory certification

  •  Geometric Excercises
  •  11-13 weeks to get correct CRL in Sagittal plane and take measurements
  •  Get correct NT and take measurements
  •  Get correct NB
  •  Early Anatomy scan
    •  Head ( butterfly view)
    •  Chest ( 4 chambers view)
    •  Stomach
    •  Cord Insertion
    •  Bladder
    •  Legs
    •  Arma
    •  Spin
  •  Chorionicity in twins

Early Pregnancy

Fetal Echo


O.P.U.S offers hundreds of other courses with organ specific approach for effective education.
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