Webinar on 2nd trimester minor markers for aneuploidies – confusion to clarity

Date: 3 april 2016
Time: 10.30 am

This session will be useful for practitioners who deal with counseling patients regarding the findings of the second trimester fetal ultrasound scan.

Minor markers for fetal aneuploidies form a major cause of anxiety in patients and consultants alike. These markers may be variations of normal anatomy if not associated with aneuploidies. However, the call of whether or not to investigate further for fetal aneuploidies and how to follow up these cases through pregnancy is ridden with tremendous confusion. The aim of this session will be to clarify these issues.

Dr.Chinmayee Ratha, an FMF-UK accredited faculty will conduct the one-hour lecture. Dr Ratha works as a Lead Consultant – Fetal Medicine with Navodaya Hospitals, Hyderabad. There will be short MCQ during the lecture on what you have learnt. You will also have the opportunity to interact with the speaker and clear your doubts at the end of the lecture.


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