FMFI conducted a Nuchal Scan outreach programme at Sonepat on the 7th Feb 2016

This was part of the mission statement of FMFI to enhance scanning skills in the periphery.

The interaction was particularly good between the attendees and the FMFI faculty as the Chief Guest Dr J S Punia could give feedback on the problems faced at the government hospital level in implementing the NT programme.

It is clear that although the gold standard of screening is the combined test using FMF software and accredited labs, this may be a bit difficult to implement at a government hospital level. Dr Punia was pleasantly surprised to learn that a number of fetal abnormalities can be picked up at the First trimester scan and requested the FMFI team to give hima document of the “always detectable 9” structural abnormalities that should not be missed on the scan.This along with a correctly taken CRL and NT should constitute the absolute minimum requirements of scanning at the peripheral level.

FMFI will be preparing this document and will be interested in overseeing its implementation at a district hospital level

Minimum requirements of the First trimester scan at the Peripheral level

  1. Correctly taken CRL
  2. Fetal heart rate
  3. Nuchal translucencynuchal
  4. Check of the anatomy

Always detectable anomalies in first trimester:

  1. Body stalk anomaly
  2. Acrania
  3. Iniencephaly
  4. Encephalocele
  5. Exomphalos
  6. Gastroschisis
  7. Alobar holoprosencephaly
  8. Megacystis
  9. Limb reduction defects

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